Press Release: Washington, DC – October 13, 2020

Washington, DC — A new coalition of drug infusion providers has been established to advocate for policies that preserve patients’ access to infused medicines in the convenient and cost-efficient in-office and freestanding ambulatory facility settings. The Infusion Providers Alliance (IPA), will be the leading voice for providers of drug infusion services in this outpatient setting of care and will lead an effort to preserve the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship in a manner that delivers exceptional care to patients at a lower cost to the health care system. The IPA represents infusion providers with over 750 locations in more than 40 states across the U.S. Collectively, the IPA members administer more than 500,000 treatments annually.

These facilities serve as critical access points of care for patients, including Medicare beneficiaries, and save tremendous dollars for commercial and government payers alike while also lowering out-of-pocket costs for patients. “Serving patients in communities across the nation , the IPA comes together at a pivotal moment when it is essential to highlight the value these facilities deliver by serving as critical access points of care for patients and preserving the physician-patient relationship which is core to quality health care, improved adherence, and reduced expenses to the overall healthcare system,” said Doug Ghertner, President of the IPA and also CEO of IVX Health, a freestanding ambulatory infusion provider.

The IPA’s mission is to serve as a thought leader and to educate lawmakers and the public on issues critical to safeguarding, supporting, and strengthening physician-directed, patient-focused access to in-office and freestanding ambulatory facility infusion services. Initial members of the IPA include Altus Biologics, Healix Infusion Therapy, Intrafusion by McKesson, IVX Health, MPP Infusion Centers®, Palmetto Infusion, and Paragon Healthcare.

Close collaboration among other industry stakeholders and initiatives will complement this effort. To find out more information on the IPA, please visit our website